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Vanessa Newport: Midlife Makeover Coach

“In my signature program, I’ll help you create a midlife makeover plan so your second half can become your best half, in just 12 weeks.” – Vanessa Newport

Vanessa Newport’s Story

“I think I’m having a midlife crisis…”

I said that at age 28 for the first time. One thing is for sure, no matter how terrible I felt, I didn’t have time for a crisis. I was a single mom of a 9 year old, working full-time and putting myself through college.

Busy, but terribly lonely. And, that loneliness led to mindless eating and too much time in my own head where I regularly beat myself up for not doing or being enough.

I guess you could say that my hobbies consisted of eating and serial dating.

After becoming a young, single mom, I committed to providing my son with security and I found that through my work. All of the things I had dreamed about doing or being when I grew up got shoved way down deep inside. I stopped pursuing my desire to find out who I was.

My identity became my career. My health took a backseat to it. My presence as a parent took a back seat to it. And as successful as I became, I constantly questioned my own competence.

I had deep rooted issues resulting in bad habits in nearly every area of my life. Besides being a work-a-holic to prove that I was competent in my career, my eating habits were out-of-freaking-control despite trying to convince myself I was on a diet, I was addicted to sugary coffee drinks in a bad way, I never exercised, my finances were sloppy, I denied the universe having my back (if fact I revolted against the thought of a higher-power for decades), and I said “no” to everything coming into my life (besides food, dates and work!). And, I kept telling myself I would be worthy after I accomplished the next thing on my list.

I was depressed, I was overwhelmed, I was stressed. And I had gained a lot of weight that made me feel terrible.

In fact, my midlife crisis was basically me fighting the conflicting voices in my own head.

Voices about my past, who I thought I was, all of the mistakes I ever made, what I thought I could or couldn’t accomplish, all of my problems, disappointment in myself… it seemed like I hated everything. I wanted to crawl out of my own skin. And, I hit three peaks of major medical crisis, each time getting stronger with intensity. The universe was telling me to wake up or die. I was slowly killing myself: body, mind and spirit.

I knew I had to makeover my life. I had to learn how to respect myself. I had to learn to be comfortable with me. I had to get to know myself. I had to define what I really wanted. I had to get over the past and out of my story. I had to learn to love myself first, before anyone else could love me.

Learning these things ultimately led to me transforming my thoughts, feelings, and behaviors about my entire existence!

And, these days, I’m committed to helping others down their path of making their second half their best half.

xo, Vanessa
Master Manifestor, Mom, Wife, Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, & Midlife Makeover Coach

 Manifest Your Midlife Makeover: Consciously Create Your Comeback! 

I help women & men create a midlife makeover plan so their second half can become their best half, in just 12 weeks.

– You are worthy of anything you can imagine, just as you are. You don’t need to be a certain weight, look a certain way, come from “that” kind of family, or anything else, to be worthy of living the life you want.

– You are not broken. You simply need to learn how to re-frame and re-program your self-limiting beliefs.

– Your history does not define your future. We all have the power to create the future we want.

– You can achieve anything you want. You just need to know how to use the tools already available to you by the universe, an action plan, and trust, to get there.

– You can take your power back by taking full personal responsibility for your actions. Once you self-reflect on any bullshit you’re contributing to your own experience, take accountability and change it, your power is instantly restored.

– The universe has your back. You simply need to understand how to use it to your benefit.

I’m looking forward to seeing your brilliant transformation!


Program Intention

Create your midlife makeover plan so your second half can be your best half, in just 12 weeks.

Program Delivery

Student Center delivery of program content (with daily email prompts) for on-the-go access which include links to recorded video modules and supporting documents, Facebook membership community for support/questions/answers, weekly group coaching calls led by Vanessa Newport. Private communication Voice Message App for one-on-one communication with Vanessa is available for an additional charge.

Program Length

12 weeks of delivered content (plus one grace week) and 3 months of additional access of on-line student center for completion of Facebook survey or 6 months of additional access for both Facebook testimonial and a simple smartphone video testimonial.

Graduates of the 12-week Signature Program, Manifest Your Midlife Makeover, Consciously Create Your Comeback, have the opportunity to apply for the 12-month Midlife Makeover Mastermind program to continue mastery of the Signature Program, plus education and coaching in broader personal growth areas such as communication & self-awareness, deeper spiritual development, career pathing, entreprenuership mentoring, self-image and dating/relationships.

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