Taurus New Moon: Steadfast Firm Enjoyment.

Taurus New Moon – by Jungian Astrologer Ainslie Faust

(AYRIAL) Ainslie Faust – The Taurus New Moon is exact at 12:30 PM PDT on Friday, May 6th. As we enjoy the annual rebirth of practicality and form, this week also brings a fabulous Sun/Jupiter trine on Tuesday at 12:58 AM. With the Moon in Pisces that night watch out for big dreams that bring you lucky inspiration for projects to begin with the energy of the upcoming Taurus New Moon. Taurus is fixed earth. The sign of fecund and abundant life. Taurus heralds the time to grow and enjoy life’s earthly pleasures. However, this Taurus New Moon is somewhat hampered by both Mercury and Mars’ Retrograde motion. Mercury Retrograde is a time for caution in your communications. Be especially careful of shipping and physical addresses as this one is in Taurus. Read the fine print and consider any communications or decisions you make over the next few weeks very carefully. The upcoming Taurus New Moon is empowered and amplified in its constructive force by a trine to Pluto in Capricorn, and a broader trine to Jupiter in Virgo. Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo favor concrete, physical manifestation, so start something real. If you are restarting an old project all the better.

Upcoming Week

As I have already said, Mercury and Mars are currently Retrograde. This is a time to avoid buying anything with moving parts or redoing your computer system. It is a good time to restart old projects, find lost objects, and reconnect with friends from the past. The other big news this week is the Sun/Jupiter trine early Tuesday morning, followed by an equally dynamic Sun/Pluto trine on Saturday. These aspects suggest regeneration and healing on a profound level. Ebertin says: “Health, joy, and recognition” for Sun/Jupiter and “Striving for power, craving for rulership, and power of attainment” for Sun/Pluto. When you put them both together you get, “acquiring of wealth.” Yes! I could use some of that.

Void Moon Times

We have a Pisces Void Moon, (one of the good ones), from Monday at 10:08 PM until Tuesday at 10:04 AM when the Moon begins a new round in Aries. Another one Wednesday night from 9:17 PM until the Moon enters Taurus, (where she is exalted) on Thursday at 10:10 AM, so no big plans for late Wednesday night or early Thursday morning. Another void in Taurus, a good one begins Friday at 7:10 PM and ends on Saturday when the Moon enters flirty Gemini at 9:35 AM.

Ainslie Faust-astrologerAinslie Faust Ainslie Faust is an intuitive, Jungian-based astrologer.  Ainslie holds an MA in counseling Psychology and a PhD in Philosophy and Religion with a concentration on symbol systems and Jungian Psychology. With over twenty-five years experience in astrological counseling, Ainslie brings a unique, artistic perspective, to her workshops and readings.

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