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AYRIAL Today: Intuitive Visualization & Brainstorming; Creating a Life of Happiness; Simple Shui

Hi, I’m Victoria and here’s your daily roundup of body, mind and spirit happenings.

Intuitive Brainstorming
To develop your intuition, think about a recent situation you’d like more insight about. Perhaps you had an argument with your friend or co-worker. Or, you had a client meeting and wonder if they are going to buy your services. Focus on your specific event and allow your thoughts and intuition to sparkle! Take a few minutes and quickly jot down what came to you. Don’t worry if it sounds silly or unrelated.

As you go about your day, observe others, and see if you can pick up any messages from their body language even before they speak to you. It’s all about “tuning in.” Allow your intuition to speak to you. Sometimes it will take a few seconds, but with daily practice and simply being aware, you’ll find you might be overwhelmed with intuitive insights. Take time to jot down what your intuitive voice tells, no matter how silly or unrelated it may seem. on When you have the opportunity, jot down your observations in your journal. Learn more!

Intuitive Visualization
Creative visualization is a technique where you close your eyes and use your imagination to create what you want in your life. It can open you up to new creative energies that will help you tap into your intuition.

You can try creative visualization by starting with a relaxation technique of deep breathing. Let go any thoughts that clutter your mind. Visualize in your favorite relaxing setting; a quiet beachfront, relaxing on a lounge chair in the garden, laying comfortably on your sofa. Take a few more deep breaths.

Visualize a scene that you’d like to experience or have. Maybe you want a coveted job position at a Fortune 500 company. Visualize the company, you sitting across from a man or woman who’s interviewing you. Pay attention to the time of day. Is it morning or late in the day. See how they are dressed. Their personalities and expressions as they interview you. See yourself communicating comfortably and how you would be an asset for the company.

Finally, see the person offering you a job and you happily accepting their offer. You can take this visualization technique a step further and see yourself working for the company, entering your office, sitting at your desk. Or, perhaps you are giving a successful presentation in the Conference room. Pay attention to the details. And most importantly, what does your intuitive voice say? Are you feeling stiff and uncomfortable? Perhaps this job isn’t for you. Maybe you’re feeling energized, full of energy and new ideas – a sign that maybe there’s another company that is more suited for you. Practice this daily when you are wanting to know who your soulmate is, writing a novel, searching for a new career or launching a business. You’ll be amazed how invaluable the insights you gain when you tap into your intuitive voice.    Learn more!

Creating a Life of Happiness in the Year of the Dog
You’ll want to read this inspiring and informative article by Sasha Lee, Chinese Metaphysican, Feng Shui practitioner.

Every year there are Good and Bad Feng Shui Sectors and Directions. We study these Good and Bad sectors by examining “Annual Afflictions” using a method called “Flying Stars.” To do the Flying Star method (to get a clear picture of how the new year will affect your home), let’s take a look at the three key locations sensitive to Annual Energies. Remember? They are the Main Door, the Bed(room) and Stove. The goal is to maximize the Good Energy of 2018. Sasha writes about the good and bad sectors and 3 important locations to benefit from the Year of the Dog!

Simple Shui
Visionary and founder of Simple Shui, Amanda Gibby Peters has just released 5 new feng shui workbooks. One workbook, AT HOME WITH LIFE is about the feng shui map. known as the bagua, it is your life-sized vision board. every area where you crave improvement in your life is represented in your living space right now. room by room and life area by life area, a home embodies a framework to affect positive change. and when our space matches our soul’s wish list, transformation is irrefutable.

Amanda says, “When we honor ourselves and intentionally dress our homes with our dreams and plans, we lubricate and accelerate our personal growth. and that, m’loves, is how feeling at home with yourself begins.”

You can easily find these workbooks with beautiful images on Amazon. Type Amanda Gibby Peters in the search box, Viola! Or, check out her profile page on or

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