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I’m Victoria lynn Weston and here’s your AYRIAL Newsflash for the week of January 22nd, 2018.

We’ve been hearing a lot lately about women, their successes and their cries for equal pay and an unwavering desire to be more powerful in the workplace, their professional life and their women owned businesses. According to a Washington Post article; The median salary for women working full-time is about 80 percent of men’s. That gap, put in other terms, means women are working for free 10 weeks a year. … Pay gap deniers purport that women’s choices; time off for maternity and other choices.

So, what can women do to strengthen their power? Women want more pay, they want bigger clients in their businesses.

AYRIAL member, certified feng shui practitioner and Chinese astrologer, Viviana Estrada has an answer. You’ll want to read her article about: Women Find their Power Through Feng Shui.

Feng Shui is a powerful resource, a 3000 year old Chinese philosophy to enhance one’s life using chi energy – powerful life energy.

Viviana provides ten feng shui tips to empower women – here’s one:

1. Yin is female and yang is male. Yin is right and yang is left. Increase the power of yin locating yourself in a property (home and/or office, where ever you want to be in power) that has a wider, larger, and/or brighter right-hand side outer space (compared to the left-hand side outer space) from the main door of the property looking out.

Read the entire story on how women can find their power using feng shui on or via our AYRIAL Newsflash transcript, just got to and you’ll find the direct link. You can learn more about Viviana Estrada and her work as a life coach, astrology and feng shui practitioner on

To me, women have always had a little more power than men, simply because they are naturally more intuitive than men. So, I recommend women and men strengthen their intuitive muscle – everyday. Trust those flashes of insight. A simple way to shake up the dull intuitive mind, is take a different route on the way to work, or when grocery shopping start shopping at the other side of the store instead of your usual routine. This will naturally wake-up your intuitive mind as you will rely on your intuition to guide your way through the store and on your way to work.

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