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I’m Victoria and here’s your AYRIAL Newsflash for February 6th, 2018.

It’s the most romantic month of the year, what does romance mean to you? Is a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love? Or, what resonates with me the most is, romance is a quality of living – the beauty of a flower, the scent of a fragrance, a feeling of mystery, pleasure and remoteness from everyday life, where I can simply breath and enjoy the moment. Romance is a state of mind. To some, maybe romancing the past events, special moments, recalling how a special dress looked and fit perfectly or pair of shoes. We’d love to hear what romance means to you. Drop us a note at: admin at and we’ll share it this month on AYRIAL Newsflash.

As we promised you, a Feng Shui tip provided by AYRIAL member, Certified Feng Shui Expert Amanda Gibby Peters says,

Headboards symbolize support in our lives. Before you skip over the whole headboard idea, riddle me this: Do you feel adrift? Does your tribe have your back? Are you in a supportive partnership? Do you feel alone or compromised often? A headboard offers us support, literally and figuratively. So, think of it like a mountain at your back – a steady, still, and timeless presence.

A solid headboard is most ideal. Slatted boards can create a sense of separation from our other half. However, if slatted is the headboard you’ve got, here’s a simple shui cure: Tie a red ribbon around the two middle vertical bars with the intention of uniting any sense of division in your life.

That’s all for today’s AYRIAL Newsflash. Tune in tomorrow for a new episode. For more body, mind and spirit lifestyle tips, visit – that’s A.Y.R.I.A.L. com. To review a transcript of this episode and grab pertinent links, visit:
Up next is our featured podcast for the week. Over ten years ago, she moved from Washington, DC where she worked for political titans to Houston, Texas. Today, Amanda Gibby Peters has since become one of the country’s sought after feng shui consultants.

Amanda Gibby Peters is the Founder of Simple Shui, her articles on the popular topic have been published in Architectural Magazines, and online lifestyle blogs. She happens to be a Leo with Capicorn rising; a cocktail blend of introverted and extroverted signs.