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I’m Victoria and here’s your AYRIAL Newsflash for February 12th, 2018.

Relationships are essential to one’s existence, happiness and success. How we interact in relationships define’s us. If we’re lucky, we go through life enjoying many wonderful, loving relationships. However, there are those times, being human we can transfer negative feelings, bad childhood experiences on to the people we love the most.

How can we heal from bad experiences? What is the best way to move forward to heal damaged relationships whether personal, romantic or professional?

The answer: Susan Shadburne. She’s a medical intuitive who works on relationships. Susan isn’t like consulting with a therapist. Initially she does a “energetic x-ray” that looks for the root causes of symptoms that may exist on the physical, emotional, spiritual, or energetic layers of the body.

Some of what may be revealed in a scan:

  • Inherited tendencies, both physical and emotional.
  • The age of the Soul and the lessons it came to learn, as well as any past life influences that still echo today.
  • The degree of your present emotional health and the quality of your relationships, to see how they may be affecting your health.

If your relationships need fine tuning, or you simply want to have better relationships, connect with Susan Shadburne, on

Today’s feng shui tip is about relationships from Simple Shui Founder, Amanda Gibby Peters who says, says,


Relationships of all kinds are a balancing act – am I right? And because shui loves a good metaphor, a pop of black and white in the bedroom can reboot healthy boundaries and imbue more equality in our partnerships. Plus, these colors never go out of style, making it a fun detail to stitch into your space! Consider the many faces of this dynamic duo: typography prints, photography, books, jewelry boxes, textiles, or eye-catching accents.

Round shapes also promote healthy relationships, so go for the curvy lamps, drum lamp shades, tea light candles, deep button tufted furniture, round rugs, a bowl with a few river rocks, or circular fabric patterns in the bedroom. Whatever feels right to you will keep love going round and round.
Connect with Amanda Gibby Peters on

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