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I’m Victoria lynn Weston and here’s your AYRIAL Newsflash for the week of December 11th , 2017

Happy Holidays everyone!

It’s the most festive time of the year and we hope you are savoring every moment of the good cheer!

We are going to kick off this newsflash with feng shui tips for the holidays. AYRIAL member Laura Morris, Founder of Morris Feng Shui sat down with me for a conversation. And, I have a hunch you’ll enjoy her energy booster suggestions – you probably already use a few of them!

  • Wreaths – greens and reds invite positive energy into the home. Did you know that wreaths are hung to bring more prosperity to the home? The idea of stems and leaves tied in a ring originated in Ancient Greece and Rome.
  • Sparkly lights. Is your energy stuck? Place a plant with sparkling lights in a lonely corner of your home. This will help ignite new energy for you.
  • The color RED. The ultimate energy activator is the color red. It is an instant energy lift!

I invite you to watch Laura’s fun video for feng shui energy boosters – there’s a total of 9 of ‘em!

Undecided on what to gift to give this holiday season? Explore AYRIAL’s Big Gift Guide of Ideas, Inspiration and Traditions. My intuition is you probably know someone who could benefit from a confidential consultation with Dr. David Low, he’s a dream expert. Analyzing dreams can provide valuable insight to one’s current situation and shed light on one’s spiritual growth.

Or, instead of the usual scarf or crystal stemware – give the gift that keeps on giving: an intuitive consultation with Rose Hart or Ann Bibbey. A space clearing session to supercharge your career or business with feng shui expert Amanda Gibby Peters. Or, if you or a loved wants to lose a few pounds or better yet, just enjoy the weight they are, give a session with certified Wellness coach Kimber Klein.

AYRIAL features other gift ideas on the website –be sure to explore.

Our member spotlight comes all the way from Zurich Switzerland: ISA STYLES – she’s an intuitive consultant who works with individuals and professionals about personal, career and business. Don’t let the distance deter you, she consults by telephone, email or SKYPE. She’s also an entrepreneur and founder of ASPECT.33 – a company that designs and produces meditation cushions! They are available in two sizes with an array of colors including pink, purple and gold. And, they make a unique gift at any time of the year!

To avoid getting stressed out this holiday season – meditation may be the answer. Right now, we’re running an exclusive offer on AYRIAL.COM,                 a 15-minute live meditation with expert Margaret Harrell, which you can do over the phone or Skype, for only $55. Margaret is a graduate of Duke and Columbia Universities, and studied at the C. G. Jung Institute in Zurich. She’ll work one-on-one with you on stress reduction, improving your concentration, and even self-awareness. For more information, go to AYRIAL.COM – SLASH – MEDITATE. That’s AYRIAL.COM – SLASH – MEDITATE.

For more body, mind, and lifestyle tips, visit – that’s A.Y.R.I.A.L. dot com.

For a transcript of this episode, visit You’ll find all the pertinent links to our topics discussed along with member profiles.

Up next, our featured podcast with Laura Morris, Founder of Morris Feng Shui. If you’re looking to spike a little romance or attract your soulmate, Laura provides some great tips in which to do that!  Enjoy!