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AYRIAL Today: Do You Know Where Your Wealth Sector is?; Innovative Tips to Sell Your House; Weekend Featured Podcast

Hi, I’m Victoria and here’s your daily roundup of body, mind and spirit happenings.

Where is the Center of Your Wealth in Your Home?

Laura Morris, feng shui consultant, Founder of Morris Feng Shui tells us:  This is not to be confused with your wealth area (or wealth gua), it is even simpler than that. Your stove! In feng shui your stove has a direct link to your resources and finances. It is one of the big three energy areas: stove, master bedroom, and front door. So, give your stove some TLC!  Laura’s quick tips will get you thinking about your home and energy in a new way. When you decide to make a shift in your life, and change the energy in your home, great things can happen. You can start simple and small to begin playing with feng shui.  Watch the video and subscribe to Laura’s YouTube Channel!

Why Feng Shui?

Certified Feng Shui Consultant and the Founder of Postive Living by Design, Sybilla Lenz sat down with me to chat up a few easy feng shui tips to sell your home.  Nobody, wants their house sitting on the market for months, so you’ll find this article very useful.  There’s even a baga map so you can determine the life aspirations like career, health, wealth, love and more.  Read the full story!

AYRIAL’s Featured Podcast

Tune in Saturday and Sunday to listen to AYRIAL’s featured podcast.  This week, listen to the inspiring conversation with Sybilla Lenz who shares feng shui secrets – tips to sell your home… well, they aren’t really secrets anymore, but easy tips on selling your home implementing feng shui principles.

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