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I’m Victoria lynn Weston and here’s your AYRIAL Newsflash for the week of October 30th, 2017.

It’s that time of year of spooky fun, scary goblins and sweet goodness – Halloween. Feng shui expert Amanda Gibby Peters wants you to make of the most of Halloween using these tips:

The Universe gives us more of what we offer, so use the convenience of candy season to hand out gold covered chocolate coins and watch your own wealth improve! Hmmm… this would be good to use all through the holidays!

Yang energy is what creates movement and action – it speeds up what we are seeking to manifest in our lives. Whether it’s because of trick-or-treaters or a Halloween or holiday gathering, your house will be the lucky recipient of plenty of yang energy this season. However, if there is clutter in your space before or after the festivities, it will unfortunately absorb that reinvigorated energy that can move you into new directions – opportunities + adventures + LOVE. So, give your house a good pre and post party/holiday clean, and you’ll have the sway to make good energy stay!

Amanda has worked with business professionals and political figures, and she can help you add some Simple Shui to your life so you can find your muse to attract prosperity, romance and more. Check out Amanda Gibby Peters recent articles on AYRIAL: A Fall Feeling and Fall Inspiration.

If you like hear daily feng shui tips, check out AYRIAL’s Feng Shui Alexa Skill. Certified Feng Shui consultant, Viviana Estrada provided all the feng shui tips that are sure to enhance your way of living from using feng shui to lose weight, and there’s a tip to attract a marriage proposal, and much more!

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We’ll see you next week! – Our featured podcast is: Keeping Friends & Family in the LOOP. I had the chance to sit down with entrepreneur Brian Gannon Brian. He shared his passion and official launch around his brand new family communications device called Loop to bring family and friends together.

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