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AYRIAL Today: Show Up Fully; What to do with Unruly Kids, AYRIAL Positive Living Alexa Skill

Hi, I’m Victoria and here’s your daily roundup of body, mind and spirit happenings.


Simple Shui Founder, Amanda Gibby Peters always WOW’s with her user friendly shui tips.  She says, “A desk is a representation of how well we support our own success. If a desk is too small, it hampers our efficiency. When a desk is too large, it can make opportunities feel out of reach. Consider it a worthy transaction to find a desk that delights you. Remember, even necessity deserves to feel beautiful.”  Read the entire article on or find the pertinent link via


There’s more.  Phase two of AYRIAL’s Positive Living Alexa Skill will introduce, voice search… I’m proud to say we’ll be the first in our industry to create an Alexa Skill to voice search a lifestyle consultant. Hands free!  No more cramped neck typing into your smartphone searching for a vetted lifestyle consultant.  No more feeling tethered to your desk or laptop. The future is here with voice search and Amazon has 76% of the market with their Amazon Echo devices!

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